Celebrating WildCRU’s Lovemore Sibanda succeeding in the two habitats that make a rising conservation star

October 19, 2020

The modern conservationist has to be at home in various habitats: so we celebrate Lovemore Sibanda transitioning effortlessly between two in which he excels. Lovemore, having completed his doctoral thesis and viva has migrated back to Hwange National Park, and the village communities whose relationships with lions were the meat of his thesis. Lovemore combined a deep knowledge of lion biology and an equally deep appreciation of the communities living alongside them – WildCRU is proud of Lovemore’s commitment to the well-being of both.


  • Above: Lovemore following his viva in Oxford, with supervisors Professor David Macdonald and Dr Andrew Loveridge. Left: Lovemore in Zimbabwe with Lion Guardians, Osias Ncube & Lewis Ncube, and Proud Ndlovu, a community member assisting with patrols.