Darem the Lion Defender

October 16, 2019

Improving local awareness of wildlife and its conservation is a key element of WildCRU’s work across the world. In Tanzania’s Ruaha landscape, our Ruaha Carnivore Project has developed a storybook about a boy called Darem from the Barabaig tribe, showing how he works with the project to help protect carnivores and empower his local community. We have just received the first copies of the book, which will be distributed to schools and families around Ruaha and beyond, raising awareness of our work to conserve carnivores in partnership with local communities’.

This book will be of particular significance to local people from the Barabaig tribe, as they are often marginalized and, to our knowledge, have never been featured in a storybook. By making them central to the story we highlight that rather than being peripheral, they actually play a central role in conservation activities, and highlight how they can engage with us and other partners to improve the future for both wildlife and local people.

The book is available to purchase, please contact