Wonderful photos from WildCRU’s Hwange Lion Project on display at New York’s prestigious Anastasia Gallery: take a look on-line, writes David Macdonald

April 13, 2016

Followers of the Cecil episode and, more broadly, WildCRU’s 16 years of work on the lions of Hwange National Park and the adjoining KAZA landscape have come to know about our team, led by Dr Andy Loveridge and myself, and will have been thrilled by photos depicting our lions, many taken on the project by Brent Staplekamp, a member of the WildCRU’ Hwange team for 10 years (If you’ve missed those photos have a quick look back through previous News items).

Brent Stapelkamp at Victoria Falls Half Marathon

Brent, who has recently moved on to a new career, has clearly found his vocation in photography – he is launching a stunning exhibition of photos of Cecil and other lions in our study population at the Anastasia gallery. If you don’t live in New York, you can see some of the photos  online at – they are heartbreakingly evocative. Other’s of Brent’s photos of our study lions illustrate his recently published children’s book, Cecil’s Pride: The True Story of a Lion King. As we wish Brent good fortune with his new career, we are delighted at the attention his marvellous images are bringing to our lion project – nobody seeing the majesty of these animals could doubt the importance of conserving them.

Cecil the lion