WildCRU’s Lauren Rudd and Phoebe Griffith awarded MPLS Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Fellowships

October 21, 2021

The Mathematics, Physical, Engineering and Life Sciences Division strives to create an inclusive culture where different perspectives and experiences are encouraged, and each person is respected and treated fairly, so that individuals of all backgrounds can fully contribute their talents to our scientific community.

To recognise talented individuals who are passionate about equality, diversity and inclusion (ED&I) and are committed to making positive change within the University of Oxford MPLS awarded 11 ED&I Fellowships. This cohort of staff and students will help inform and implement the MPLS new 2020-2023 ED&I action plan.

We are immensely proud that, Lauren Rudd and Phoebe Griffith, two DPhil graduates at WildCRU, have been awarded Fellowships for 2021-2022.

With students and staff hailing from all continents and cultural backgrounds WildCRU epitomises the diversity that MPLS Fellowships are celebrating. Within our research group, and in the many field sites we operate worldwide, we endeavour to nurture an inclusive culture where the academic and professional potential of each individual can blossom”. – Prof Claudio Sillero, WildCRU & Zoology’s ED&I Committee.

Lauren’s research focuses on understanding the social dynamics at play within the landscape of lion conservation. Lauren is a champion in several ED&I projects through Green Templeton College and the Department of Zoology. Lauren co-founded the BIPOC STEM Network, the first network of its kind that aims to promote and support the work of People of Colour within the University and beyond, in order to create a more diverse and inclusive environment within academia.

“I am really excited to be one of the MPLS EDI Fellows this year! Lots of great initiatives were launched by last year’s fellows and I am looking forward to continuing to build on these. I hope to be able to use this position to advocate for positive change for marginalised staff and students within the division, and more widely across the University.” – Lauren Rudd

Phoebe’s research is on the conservation of crocodylians, especially the gharial in Nepal.  As a conservationist, Phoebe is particularly concerned with the need for active decolonisation of research and practice and has been involved in work to work towards decolonisation of science and research at the ZSL Institute of Zoology, their partner institution.

“I am delighted to be one of the MPLS EDI Fellows, and in particular to be able to support the awesome student-led work already taking place in the Department.  I want to help with the necessary rethinking and reorganising of support systems for research students, in order to make support better for people from historically excluded groups and those who spend a lot of time physically outside of their Department.”  – Phoebe Griffith

  • Lauren Rudd (left) and Phoebe Griffith (right)