‘Lockdown Walks’ with WildCRU’s Tanesha Allen

September 25, 2020

Take a walk on the wildside with WildCRU’s Tanesha Allen and, almost, meet a badger. Tanesha has submitted her doctorate on olfactory communication in badgers, and is using her experience to introduce a wider public to badgerology.

This is part of a new Oxford Sparks video series, featuring six episodes, launched on Friday 18th September (with new episodes launched on a weekly basis).

‘Lockdown Walks’ is a project we’ve undertaken to create some short videos for social media that highlight science in the ‘everyday’ in a friendly, accessible way. Our hope is that it will surprise, delight and inform, whilst raising awareness of cutting-edge research in a way that makes use of familiar objects and experiences that people come across, regardless of their connections with science. We hope to spark peoples’ curiosity and get them looking at their world a little differently.

Our title, ‘Lockdown Walks’ was inspired by what was to be discovered even from the once-a-day walks allowed in the early days of lockdown.

Each video is approximately two minutes long, and can be found on the Oxford Sparks YouTube channel, Twitter feed, Facebook page and IGTV.