Mongabay reports on WildCRU’s Liz Campbell’s work on Atlas Golden Wolves

September 23, 2020

Research on Morocco’s little known canid, the African Golden Wolf, has been featured in an article published in Mongabay. The article features the Atlas Golden Wolf Project led by WildCRU’s Liz Campbell.

“Howling in the dark: Shining a light on a newly remembered wolf

IFRANE NATIONAL PARK, Morocco — As he guides his flock of sheep home through stands of oak and endangered Atlas cedar, Umimun Hammou feels something is wrong.

Rounding a bend on the mountain trail, he sees what he has been fearing. A sheep is tangled in brush a few yards down the slope, its throat ripped open. A little further on, he finds a second with the same wound. Red blood stains its shaggy white fleece.

Foraging for the acorns lying under a thin layer of December snow, his flock had been scattered through the forest during the day. Obscured by mist, it had been impossible to keep track of the herd. Now some $600 worth of livestock are dead.”

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