Research undertaken by Femke Broekhuis featured in new Netflix series ‘Night on Earth’

January 30, 2020

What do cheetahs get up to at night? Many would say ‘nothing’ as cheetahs are often perceived to only be active during the day.  But is that really the case? This was one of the questions that Femke Broekhuis was keen to find out during her doctoral research at WildCRU. Femke analysed data from collars that were fitted on cheetahs to reveal all sorts of fascinating night-time behaviour of cheetahs, including hunting. However, without the necessary equipment, she was not able to directly observe the cheetahs during the night. A film crew overcame this challenge by using specialised equipment, unveiling some of the cheetahs nocturnal secrets for a new series on Netflix.

Don’t be left in the dark – find out more about cheetahs and their nightly endeavors in the ‘Moonlit plains’ episode of ‘Night on Earth’. And don’t miss ‘Night on Earth: Shot in the Dark’ where Femke talks about her research findings as the film crew show her how they managed to film these cryptic creatures in complete darkness.

  • © Femke Broekhuis
  • © Femke Broekhuis