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Ex-Panthers find marbles amongst the clouds

November 28, 2017

As Dawn Burnham and I wove our way through the Htamanthi Wildlife Sanctuary in the north of Myanmar, writes David Macdonald, we were accompanied by a remarkable team. Foremost was Saw Htun – a distinguished Panther. Panthers, as surely everybody knows, is the name given to alumni of the WildCRU’s remarkable Postgraduate Diploma in ... Read full story

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A roaring trade? Are wild lions across Africa under threat from demand for their bones and body parts?

November 8, 2017

For several years now an uneasy feeling has grown amongst lion conservationists that a new threat was evolving to further blight this increasingly threatened species. The fear was that consumptive use and trade (especially illegal) in the body parts of wild lions was proliferating.  However, not withstanding worrisome suspicions, nobody had comprehensively taken stock. That ... Read full story

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Award for Cristian Bonacic of Fauna Australis

November 1, 2017

Professor Cristian Bonacic, former WildCRU doctoral student and currently Research Associate of the Unit, founded and led Fauna Australis at the Catholic University of Santiago, Chile. He is gracious in frequently branding his excellent Unit as WildCRU in South America, and this week his achievements in Science have been recognised by an award from the ... Read full story

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Not just a happy occasion, a new future for conservation in Africa

November 13, 2017

Last week David Macdonald was in Kigali, Rwanda, for the inaugural Board meeting of the African Leadership University’s School of Wildlife Conservation. This involved getting together with an inspired and inspirational, but very nervous, group of 22 applicants to the ALU’s new undergraduate conservation course, Global Challenges. They were nervous for good reason, ... Read full story

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Life on the Edge: a remarkable collaborative paper led by Dr Marion Pfeifer of Newcastle University and in which WildCRU’s Neil D’Cruze was a co-author about disappearing forest edges

November 2, 2017

This new research identifies the winners and losers of forest fragmentation. Schoolboy geometry tells us that smaller things have more outside relative to inside, and this is true for fragments of forest. Having lots of outside could be a good thing in some circumstances, but not if you are an animal that finds living at ... Read full story

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David Macdonald celebrates two weasily WildCRU wonders to mark the publication of a landmark book and an entertaining film

October 26, 2017

Musteloids, despite their odorously ominous name, are a wonderfully diverse, and rivetingly interesting super-family of Carnivores. They include such carnivoran eccentrics as red pandas, coatis and skunks, but the huge majority of them, indeed 67 of the approximately (given taxonomic wrangling) 92 musteloid species, are mustelids, that is, members of the weasel family. As variations ... Read full story

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