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There’s no such thing as a free lunch: Eat efficiently while not getting eaten!

February 16, 2017

Eating without getting eaten is a tricky problem and, mindful of the life-dinner principle, David Macdonald reports on a new WildCRU collaboration in China that sheds light on this daily dilemma for two rodent species: a generation of animal behavior studies fruitfully probed optimal foraging theory, of which an important element is how a hungry ... Read full story

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Ending double standards in trap welfare

February 9, 2017

You may be shocked to learn that while spring traps used for killing small mammals in the UK are required to meet welfare approval standards, some traps for killing rats, mice and moles are legally exempt. In her new letter to Animal Welfare journal (Baker 2017), Dr Sandra Baker argues that this exemption ... Read full story

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7 principles for ethical decision making in wildlife management

February 20, 2017

A globally diverse panel of 20 experts in wildlife conservation, management and welfare, including WildCRU’s Dr Sandra Baker, have produced the first international principles for ethical decision-making in wildlife management. The work took place through a process of facilitated engagement at a 2-day forum in Vancouver, hosted by the British Columbia SPCA and the University ... Read full story

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Animal welfare issues receive varying levels of UK media attention, with some species being more widely reported than others, a new WildCRU study has found

February 13, 2017

Dr Ruth Feber, Dr Eva Raebel, Dr Sandra Baker and Professor David Macdonald, together with Dr Neil D’Cruze from World Animal Protection, have published the first review of how wild animal welfare is reported in the UK media. The team searched through more than 23,000 mainstream media articles published between ... Read full story

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Two lionesses speared after livestock killings

February 6, 2017

Lions are amazing animals, but can be extremely hard to live with – and much of their remaining range is on human-dominated land, where they often come into conflict with local people. WildCRU’s Ruaha Carnivore Project in southern Tanzania has been dealing with very intense conflict over the past few weeks: several lions attacked ... Read full story

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