Public Engagement Seed fund awarded for dissemination of the WildCRU game

February 19, 2019

The creators of the WildCRU game have recently been awarded Public Engagement Seed fund by the University to produce and disseminate the game to the wider public.

Created by Ms. Jennifer Spencer and Dr. Cedric Tan, the WIldCRU board game is a co-operative board-game that features stories and research of real researchers. It was developed to disseminate the research of WildCRU to families, schools, or anyone interested in wildlife conservation

With this seed fund, WildCRU will create copies of the game some of which will used at board games café, schools and science festivals. Simultaneously, we will conduct research onto its effectiveness in creating awareness of conservation of large carnivores.

“We hope to understand how players make decisions in this game as they understand more about challenges of being a conservationist. By placing the players in the shoes of real field researchers, we hope to inspire young adults to make more environmentally friendly decisions on a daily basis and some to be our future conservationists” – said Cedric.