Terefe, the lucky survivor

July 27, 2020

Terefe is the first Ethiopian wolf ever to be nursed to back to health following injury and has been successfully released back into the wild.

He was found seriously injured in the Simien Mountains and after an amazing recovery he is now reunited with his pack. He has been fitted with a Lotek wireless collar that is revealing the intricacies of his new life.

‘9th May 2020 – Simien Mountains National Park scouts informed the Ethiopian Wolf Conservation Programme (EWCP) of a seriously injured wolf found under a bridge close to Ayenameda outpost. The wolf was transported to the camp, where under the close attention of Getachew Assfaw, EWCP Simien Team Leader, received veterinary care. The news alarmed us; with an open wound and a shuttered femur we feared the worst.

But the events that followed proved not only the resilience of Terefe (meaning “lucky survivor” in Amharic language, christened by the scouts who looked after him) but also of the EWCP team, which together with Park managers led a complex operation while contending with the arrival of Covid-19 in Ethiopia.’

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