The achievements of Akchousanh Rasphone

November 15, 2018

WildCRU toasts the great achievements of Akchousanh Rasphone who, last week, has just accomplished a very successful viva on her doctoral thesis.

From left to right: Dr Jan Kamler, Professor Richard Grenyer, Akchousanh Rasphone,
Dr Mathias Tobler & Professor David Macdonald

The subject of Akchou¹s research, set in Laos was clouded leopards and cat guilds. The work was physically arduous and intellectually demanding. As if this was not enough cause for congratulation, Akchou now holds some remarkable records. So far as we know Akchou is the first Laotian women in history to secure a doctoral degree at Oxford, indeed we believe she is the only Laotian student in Oxford at all. Next week, Akchou will be coordinating WildCRU¹s forest conservation planning workshop is Laos as her career grows from strength to strength. We are very proud of her.