Unravelling the natural history of the canidae with Prof Claudio Sillero

April 30, 2021

In a new episode of One of the Family podcasts with Nicky Campbell, WildCRU’s Claudio Sillero discussed all 37 species of canids – large and small, rare and common, pack or pair living. Drawing on insights from over 1000 hours of behavioural observations of Ethiopian wolves, Claudio explained the intricacies of Ethiopian wolf society, how fathers support breeding females in the pack, how female mate choice leads to the avoidance of inbreeding, and how ultimately the social cues between these beguiling canids facilitate group cohesion. Claudio linked his observations of wild canids to the everyday behaviour of domestic dogs in our families. You can listen to the full podcast here:


  • Three Ethiopian wolves
    Ethiopian wolves
  • Himalayan wolf pup Canis (lupus) himalayensis in the Transhimalayas of Humla, Nepal. The genetics and ecology of these wolves is studied by the Himalayan Wolves Project.