Professor Andrew Loveridge

Kaplan Research Fellow Lady Margaret Hall   Andrew Loveridge is the Kaplan Senior Research Fellow at Lady Margaret Hall and the Wildlife Conservation Unit, Oxford University. Born and raised in Zimbabwe, he read for his doctoral degree in Zoology at Oxford, and after graduating embarked on a career as an ecologist and conservationist. Since 1999 […]

Brent Stapelkamp

Brent Stapelkamp is a Zimbabwean and has been with the Hwange Lion Project full-time for 3 years. As a holder of a Zimbabwe professional guide’s license Brent has guided safaris in Hwange prior to his joining the lion project. Brent spent several years in the UK and came back to Zimbabwe in 2006 after graduating […]

Dr Dawn Burnham

Research Coordinator I joined WildCRU in 2006 having completed my PhD in 2004 from Manchester Metropolitan University on the behavioural ecology of bachelor male patas monkeys in Kenya. I quantitatively assessed the habitat quality of bachelor male ranges and explored other factors affecting their ranging patterns. Previously I worked in Zambia on blue monkeys, contributing […]