WildCRU’s Hwange Lion Project thanks Cara Delevingne and the matching generosity of Tag Heuer watches

David Macdonald and Andrew Loveridge mentioned in an earlier newsflash our gratitude to Cara Delevingne for auctioning her personal Tag Heuer wristwatch (with lion face) to raise funds for our project. Through the enthusiastic generosity of the successful buyer, Rebhi Barqawi, the sale raised over £9000 – we are grateful to Mr Barqawi for pushing […]

Liomba Junior Mathe’s reflections on the realities of human-carnivore conflict in Zimbabwe

By Liomba Junior Mathe Human carnivore-conflict is a major global conservation issue for wild carnivores. It also results in huge social and economic losses to people living close to protected areas. In the Hwange area in Zimbabwe, one of the main drivers of conflict arises from lions killing livestock owned by members of rural communities, […]

Godfrey Mtare

Born and raised in Zimbabwe, Godfrey Mtare has over 15 years of working experience in the field of ecology and wildlife conservation; including transboundary conservation. He joined Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority (ZimParks) as an Ecologist in 2006 and has always demonstrated convincing passion and great zeal to significantly contribute towards biodiversity conservation in […]

Cheetah Conservation Project Zimbabwe, a new addition to WildCRU’s Trans-Kalahari Predator Programme

WildCRU is pleased to announce that Lovemore Sibanda will be leading the Cheetah Conservation Project Zimbabwe (CCPZ) as a new addition to WildCRU’s Trans-Kalahari Predator Programme (TKPP). Lovemore  has been part of the WildCRU family since 2010 when he worked as a Community Liaison Officer for Hwange Lion Research. He later joined us in Oxford […]

Lion hazing as conflict mitigation tool

Loss of livestock to carnivores is one of the largest drivers of conflicts between people and wildlife, particularly in sub-Saharan Africa. The Long Shields Lion Guardians, part of WildCRU’s Trans-Kalahari Predator Programme, located on the periphery of Hwange National Park, uses innovative methods to alleviate livestock loss. The programme monitors GPS-collared lions and employs community […]

Cecil’s Legacy – 5 years on

Lion numbers have disappeared from 92% of their historical range. The death of Cecil the lion and the resulting global outcry brought this sobering fact into sharp focus. Cecil was first fitted with a GPS satellite collar in November 2008 when he was between five and six years old. He was a male lion coming […]

Celebrating WildCRU’s Lovemore Sibanda succeeding in the two habitats that make a rising conservation star

The modern conservationist has to be at home in various habitats: so we celebrate Lovemore Sibanda transitioning effortlessly between two in which he excels. Lovemore, having completed his doctoral thesis and viva has migrated back to Hwange National Park, and the village communities whose relationships with lions were the meat of his thesis. Lovemore combined […]