Jackal survival affected by leopards and humans

If it’s not one thing it’s another – there’s always danger on one guise or another around every corner, writes David Macdonald in introducing a remarkable new study of black-backed jackals led by WildCRU’s Jan Kamler.  Fans of opportunism could have no better totem than the black-backed jackal, a mesocarnivore that dodges and dives through […]

The bits of wire that can devastate lion populations

Nature Research News have featured research carried out by Dr Andrew Loveridge. The article reads: “Simple snares aimed at catching African game for the table take a huge toll on carnivores, too. Wire snares are widely used to poach African wild herbivores for meat — but the traps also catch enough lions and hyenas to […]

The effectiveness of hazing African lions as a conflict mitigation tool: Implications for carnivore management

For high impact, low budget simplicity of communication, check out Lisanne’s video writes David Macdonald celebrating a remarkable paper on lion conservation. Chasing African lions is an unexpected approach to conservation, but a new WildCRU-led study provides evidence that it can be critical in reducing livestock loss. Newly published in the journal Ecosphere, this study […]

Elisa Sandoval Serés

I was born and raised in Mexico in a bicultural family: Spanish and Mexican. I studied biology at the University of Guadalajara (Mexico), and my thesis was about avian diversity. For the last 5 years I have been fortunate to participate in different research projects: tapirs in the Maya Rainforest (Mexico), meerkats in the Kalahari […]

Siddharth Unnithan Kumar

Now beginning my third year of studying a PhD with WildCRU and Oxford’s Mathematical Institute, my PhD continues to be a metamorphic journey through abstract and applied mathematics, ecology, and (most recently) geography. The premise of this research has been to draw upon methods and ways of thinking from different realms of mathematics to shine […]

Landscape connectivity in Zimbabwe

KAZA TFCA – Landscape connectivity modelling KAZA connectivity model outputs Landscape connectivity in Botswana Landscape connectivity in Zimbabwe In partnership with the Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority (ZPWMA), WildCRU are committed to using the model, and broader landscape connectivity and genetics methods, to address practical conservation needs in Zimbabwe. WildCRU researchers continue to further develop the […]

KAZA Connectivity Model Outputs

KAZA TFCA – Landscape connectivity modelling KAZA connectivity model outputs Landscape connectivity in Botswana Landscape connectivity in Zimbabwe Based on the model’s outputs the following key recommendations have been proposed to maximise connected habitat for lions and other wildlife in the KAZA region. It should be noted that these are biological priorities that should be considered […]

The Ruaha Carnivore Project team visits Zimbabwe

This week the team from WildCRU’s Ruaha Carnivore Project (RCP), based in Tanzania, are excited to share news all the way from Zimbabwe. Three of the RCP staff are currently in Zimbabwe for the week to visit one of WILDCRU’s other long-term projects, the Hwange Lion Research Project, part of the Trans Kalahari Predator Programme, […]