TKPP: Transboundary and landscape conservation of lions

Fragmentation of natural habitat and isolation of populations is one of the biggest challenges faced by conservationists. It is a particularly damaging process for wild species that range widely, such as carnivores. This component of the project seeks to gain an understanding of the potential for the habitat between Hwange National Park and protected areas […]

TKPP: Core lion research

Since 1999 the project has been monitoring the long term demographics and population trends of lions in Hwange National Park (HNP), in Zimbabwe. We have monitored the lion population in a 5000 km2 study area in the North and North-east of HNP, providing critical information for effective long term conservation of the species. Over the […]

David’s thoughts

The collected musings of WildCRU’s Founder and Director, Professor David Macdonald, Professor of Wildlife Conservation, Department of Zoology, University of Oxford. David Macdonald explains how the WildCRU’s long-term study of lions and the people living alongside them in Hwange NP, and the team led by Andrew Loveridge, has revealed how predator ecology and animal husbandry […]

Cecil’s pride – NoBhuhle (Beautiful)

As the Christmas holidays approach, David Macdonald has more good news from Cecil’s pride Followers of our lion study in Hwange will realise that the WildCRU team is striving to monitor the private lives of the lionesses and cubs now overseen by the aging male, Jericho, Cecil’s former coalition partner. For some time we have […]

Are Cecil’s grand offspring on the way? David Macdonald reports that a 4 and a half year old male lion, nicknamed Xanda, which the WildCRU team has monitored since his cubhood is almost certainly one of Cecil’s sons

Last week Xanda was seen mating repeatedly with lionesses from the so-called Backpans Pride – pregnancy in lions lasts about 110 days, so all being well Cecil’s grand offspring should be around in March. Actually, as followers of our News Items will remember, while Andy Loveridge and I started the Hwange Lion Project in 1999, […]

Mr Matthew Wijers

In 2010 I volunteered for WildCRU’s Hwange Lion Project in Zimbabwe. During this time, I developed a keen interest for wildlife conservation and research. I then went on to complete a BSc in Conservation Ecology at Stellenbosch University in South Africa where my final-year project focussed on African wild dog denning behaviour in the Save […]

Cecil and the conservation of lions

Cecil news In September, the WildCRU and Panthera hosted the Cecil Summit to bolster the future of lion conservation. A summary of the summit outcomes can be found here: Donations can be made at: US donors can give via the University of Oxford North America Office Please select ‘WildCRU’ in the drop down list. […]

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