David Macdonald writes from Zimbabwe, where Andy Loveridge and he are planning the next phase of fieldwork on WildCRU’s lion project

We have had a lot of enquiries recently about the well-being of Cecil’s pride and their cubs. They’ve proved a bit elusive recently, but a few days ago the team tracked them down and, as the attached photo illustrates, all was very calm. These are exciting days for the project at Hwange as we plan […]

WildCRU and Panthera announce the Cecil Lion Summit

Meeting of World Leaders in Lion Conservation Convened by WildCRU and Panthera at the Recanati-Kaplan Centre in Oxford in 2016 New York, NY – Partners WildCRU and Panthera today announced that they are organizing and hosting a landmark summit for range wide lion conservation in 2016, in honour of Cecil the lion, whose death triggered […]

Tour guide killed by a lion

Professor David Macdonald, Director of WildCRU, said: ‘All those at WildCRU who work on the Hwange Lion Programme were saddened to hear of the death of Quinn Swales, a very experienced tour guide killed by a lion while leading a party of tourists on foot in the centre of Hwange. Our hearts go out to […]

Today’s children – tomorrow’s decision-makers

David Macdonald explains how WildCRU’s research in the Hwange Lion Project runs hand-in-hand with an education programme for village children: around the borders of Hwange National Park, where Dr Andrew Loveridge and I set up wildCRU’s lion project in 1999, there are numerous villages. Historically, many villagers have viewed lions, and other large predators, with […]

Seeing is believing

David Macdonald gives details of a video clip of WildCRU’s work at Hwange: In recent days we have explained that the WildCRU’s Hwange Lion Project tackles diverse aspects of lion conservation, and that this is as focused on the well-being of local people, often in impoverished communities, as it is on the well-being of the […]

Getting to grips with the principles

David Macdonald, WildCRU’s Director explains the journey from Cecil to centipedes, and the principles that unite WildCRU’s wider working: Those of you who have been following these newsflashes, and especially if you have delved deeper into our website, will have realised that the WildCRU’s approach to conserving lions, and indeed everything else, is highly interdisciplinary […]

World Lion Day – a message from David Macdonald

“We have some wonderful news – a vastly talented animator, famous for his work on Disney’s The Lion King David Macdonald, Aaron Blaise, has produced a superb animation dedicated to Cecil. He will be selling prints, and donating the profits to WildCRU. Also, and it is truly wonderful, you can see the creation of the […]

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