Cecil is the most influential individual animal in the world (wild or domestic) says TIME magazine

David Macdonald reports on the poll that names Cecil the Lion as the most influential individual animal and asks what this means for lion conservation. The fascinating ranking of the world’s most influential individual animals, just published by TIME magazine, makes an entertaining read, and will raise a few chuckles: http://time.com/4301509/most-influential-animals/. It also raises some very serious […]

Can the Cecil Moment become the Cecil Movement?

This is the question David Macdonald and the team at WildCRU ask in a paper published today – and what we have in mind is harnassing the colossal global interest in Cecil the Lion as a force for the conservation of lions, and indeed big carnivores and wildlife more generally. To judge by another remarkable publication, […]

Mr Liomba-Junior Mathe

I’m Liomba-Junior Mathe, and I come from Hwange, a small mining town located in South-Western Zimbabwe. I grew up with my two sisters who are both teachers, and my mother works at a local hospital as a nurse. Having attained a University degree in BSc Biological Sciences, I then joined the Hwange Lion Research project […]

David’s thoughts

The collected musings of WildCRU’s Founder and Director, Professor David Macdonald, Professor of Wildlife Conservation, Department of Zoology, University of Oxford. David Macdonald explains how the WildCRU’s long-term study of lions and the people living alongside them in Hwange NP, and the team led by Andrew Loveridge, has revealed how predator ecology and animal husbandry […]

Cecil’s pride – NoBhuhle (Beautiful)

As the Christmas holidays approach, David Macdonald has more good news from Cecil’s pride Followers of our lion study in Hwange will realise that the WildCRU team is striving to monitor the private lives of the lionesses and cubs now overseen by the aging male, Jericho, Cecil’s former coalition partner. For some time we have […]

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