Ms Ana Patricia Calderon Quinonez

I was born in Guatemala, a small country in Central America. I graduated from San Carlos University of Guatemala as a Bachelor in Biology in 2010. At the end of my undergraduate studies I did an internship at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute, where I worked in a Stanford University’s project that aimed to study […]

WildCRU’s long term research project on big cats in Zimbabwe

Conserving big cats involves understanding the dynamics of the ecosystems that support them. Predators not only eat prey, they frighten them – thus influencing both their numbers and their behaviour. WildCRU’s long term project on lions in Zimbabwe studies the trade-off faced by prey species seeking to avoid predators but nonetheless having to visit risky […]

Mr Lovemore Sibanda

I am a Zimbabwean at heart – born and bred in the Bulawayo area. In 2012, I obtained a BSc (Honours) degree in Livestock and Wildlife Management from Midlands State University, Gweru. For my undergraduate research project I focussed on human wildlife conflict, investigating how the presence of bells on individual cattle affected their chances […]

Mr Godfrey Mtare

I completed my Bachelor of Environmental Science (Honours) degree in Wildlife and Rangeland Management at Bindura University of Science Education in 2005. In August 2006, l then joined Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority as an Ecologist and was deployed to Hwange National Park (Main Camp). It is the largest national park in the country […]

Ms Moreangels Mbizah

My journey in the field of wildlife conservation began in 2009 during my Masters research project with the Lowveld Wild Dog Project (LWDP) in South-East Lowveld, Zimbabwe. My study looked at the diet and overlap in diet of four large carnivores (African wild dog, Lion, Hyena and Leopard) and the implications for the conservation of […]

Mr Edwin Makuwe

Having grown up in the heart of Harare, I was never really exposed to the beauty of nature nor did I appreciate the sereneness it provides. All this changed when I got the chance to visit Hwange National Park after finishing my secondary education. In pursuit of a career in Natural resources Conservation, I enrolled […]

Dr Greg Rasmussen

Painted Hunting Dog Research Project (PHDRP), Hwange, Zimbabwe Painted Hunting Dogs also known as Wild Dogs are facing extinction with there probably being no more than 3000 left on the continent. There are in fact less dogs left in Africa than rhino which is a sobering thought to say the least. There are only four […]

Dr Zeke Davidson

I obtained a BSc. In Zoology and Entomology in 1994 from Rhodes University, South Africa. My final year undergraduate research involved a geographic discriminant analysis of honey bee populations (Apis mellifera sp.) of south-western Africa using chromatographic analysis of mandibular and sting pheromones. I then obtained an Honours degree in Marine Biology in 1995. My […]

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