Financial Support

The course cost fees are published on our Graduate Admissions page at: under the Funding and Costs tab.

External funding

External funding is a useful resource to secure for any applicant and will facilitate your studies with us or any educational institution. Funding opportunities for training conservationists are available from 3rd parties. As securing such funds often takes considerable time, it is advisable to explore such funding opportunities over a year before the application deadline. The University of Oxford also provides a Funding and Scholarship search which you can use to see what scholarships you would be eligible for when applying for this course:

The Recanati-Kaplan Foundation Scholarship

The Diploma administers a grant from the Recanati-Kaplan Foundation which can provide sponsorship of candidates who attained their qualifications and training from less economically developed countries with financial support during their attendance on the course. If you are eligible, you can apply for varying levels of sponsorship from the course if you are unable to secure funding yourself. For students without their own funding, bursaries will be available to cover the following:

  • Course fees
  • International travel, to and from the UK
  • Accommodation, and
  • Living expenses for the duration of the course.

If you wish to be considered for sponsorship, please complete the Scholarship Application form, which can be downloaded here: [Scholarship Application Form]. Incomplete scholarship forms, or applications submitted without a scholarship form, will not be considered for funding. If you are applying online, via the University’s eVision system, ‘Proposed Funding Arrangements’, select ‘Other source’ as your proposed source of funding, and enter ‘2025CONTWCRUDIP’ in the box below. The period covered is 1 year. You can append your completed scholarship application form to your application using the University Upload form:

For further information on the course and application requirements, please see the Applications and Curriculum pages. Further queries about the course and application process can be directed to the course coordinator:



Diploma Administrator,
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Telephone: +44 1865 611119