eLearning Wildlife Conservation Course

Developed by Dr. Lucy Tallents and Dr. Cedric Tan, this is the export of the WildCRU’s Recanati-Kaplan Postgraduate Diploma in International Wildlife Conservation Practice to an online interface. The eLearning Wildlife Conservation Course first made its run in 2016 and has since evolved with more advanced modules and more interactive delivery methods such as collaborative learning, online games and mentoring by WildCRUers.

The first fully-fledged eLearning course ran from Oct 2018 to Jan 2019, with the aim of cultivating students with skills to transform their research into impact. They first learned how to develop research questions, then designed data collection procedures, analyse the data and finally communicate the findings to the public and/or policy makers. The first course trained 80 conservationists from 15 Asian countries, and received very positive reviews. The second one trained 50 conservationists from 10 African countries.