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Could ‘conservation influencers’ be the way to help communities to perform more conservation-friendly behaviour?

October 15, 2021

A new paper led by Laura Perry and published in Human Dimensions of Wildlife asked if ‘conservation influencers’ could be the way to help communities to perform more conservation-friendly behaviour? Her study in southern Kenya suggests this might be the case. By reading study participants a description of other another person's behaviour, researchers were ... Read full story

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Morally Contested Conservation: Evidence to inform policy

October 4, 2021

Wildlife conservation in sub-Saharan Africa is morally contested. Who should get to decide what is best for sub-Saharan African wildlife and the people who live alongside it? Who is conservation in sub-Saharan Africa for, and what does successful conservation look like? Protecting animals, developing rural economies, conserving biodiversity, or reducing conflict between ... Read full story

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Towards coexistence: can people’s attitudes explain their willingness to live with Sumatran elephants in Indonesia?

September 21, 2021

by Ardiantiano Elephants can inflict substantial costs on the people who live alongside them. Human-elephant interactions can be complex. While the ecological and practical aspects of this interaction have been well explored, the human dimension of people-elephant relation has attracted rather little attention in Indonesia. Our recently published article entitled "Towards coexistence: can people’s attitudes ... Read full story

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Liomba Junior Mathe’s reflections on the realities of human-carnivore conflict in Zimbabwe

October 13, 2021

By Liomba Junior Mathe Human carnivore-conflict is a major global conservation issue for wild carnivores. It also results in huge social and economic losses to people living close to protected areas. In the Hwange area in Zimbabwe, one of the main drivers of conflict arises from lions killing livestock owned by members of rural ... Read full story

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World Rabies Day: saving wolves, saving people, saving mountains

September 29, 2021

A post from the Ethiopian Wolf Conservation Programme Health has been central to our work in Ethiopia for many years. In protecting Ethiopian wolves against diseases, we learn that success requires simultaneously addressing the health of wolves, of the local communities and their domestic animals, and of the mountain ecosystems that sustain them all. This is ... Read full story

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Temporal partitioning and spatiotemporal avoidance among large carnivores in a human-impacted African landscape

September 16, 2021

Africa’s large carnivores are increasingly under threat from habitat fragmentation, conflict with humans, and declining prey populations. In addition to directly impacting survival, these pressures are likely to exacerbate already intense competition among large carnivore species, which can have important fitness consequences for individuals and populations. However, relatively little is still known about how human ... Read full story

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