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Tricky Issues on the Road to Protecting Commodified Wild Animals

April 20, 2021

Big numbers can be bamboozling. What does it mean, in terms of conservation, welfare or sustainability that in the USA in 2014 3.5 million wild carnivores were trapped for their skins? Or that wild meat is consumed by 150 million rural households across the global south? Or that just one Chinese province impounded over 12,000 ... Read full story

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World Health Day

April 7, 2021

World Health Day 2021 focuses on ‘building a fairer, healthier world’, a theme that aims to raise awareness of the inequalities in access to healthcare, livelihoods, food security, and clean, safe environments. One issue at the intersection of health and livelihoods is that of the trade in wildlife-based traditional medicine products, which can support ... Read full story

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‘Elegy For A River’ – A new book published by Tom Moorhouse

March 31, 2021

‘Tom Moorhouse has written a book about ecological loss that is also somehow laugh-out-loud funny - passionate, warm and full of fascinating insights into the eccentric world of the field naturalist.' ― Isabella Tree, author of WILDING Water voles are small, brownish, bewhiskered and charming. Made famous by 'Ratty' in The Wind in the ... Read full story

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Small cats in big trouble? Jungle cats and leopard cats in threatened forests of Cambodia

April 8, 2021

Southeast Asia is well known for being one of the most important biodiversity and endemism hotspots worldwide. However, this region is facing some of the highest anthropogenic pressures in the world, which are pushing it into a conservation crisis. The wildlife in Southeast Asia has been considerably understudied which, alongside the rapid drivers of species ... Read full story

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First Photo in the Wild: one of the world’s most secretive mammals photographed in WildCRU’s Togo survey

April 2, 2021

WildCRU researchers and colleagues have captured the first ever images of Walter’s duiker (Philantomba walteri) alive in the wild. This small African antelope has hitherto been secretive to the point of invisibility. Our study, published today in African Journal of Ecology, was led in Togo by local mammologist, Délagnon Assou, with the base team led ... Read full story

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WildCRU goes climate positive

March 24, 2021

WildCRU, founded in 1986 by David Macdonald, was the first university-based conservation research unit. Today, it becomes the first to go 100% climate positive using Lion Carbon offsets. This is a marvellous union of WildCRU’s mission to save biodiversity, through its research on lions and other species, and its determination to save on carbon, through ... Read full story

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