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See you later, alligator? The irreplaceable roles of crocodilians are at risk of being lost

August 5, 2022

From miniature alligators with habitat-helping burrowing abilities, to specially adapted fish-eaters who can indicate how healthy a river is; a new study from WildCRU, ZSL, EDGE and the Gharial Ecology Project shows what the world is set to lose if crocodilians are not urgently protected. Creating shelter for other animals through unique burrow systems and ... Read full story

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Researchers from WildCRU conducted the first ever study of the clouded leopard diet

July 27, 2022

Despite numerous studies on the clouded leopard, no previous study determined their diet, primarily because clouded leopards don’t typically defecate along trails to mark their territory, which is a common behavior in most other felid species, so their scats (i.e., droppings) are rarely round. Clouded leopards are the smallest of the big cats (i.e., Pantherinae), ... Read full story

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Hans Bauer writes for The Conversation

June 29, 2022

The UK All Parliamentary Group on Banning Trophy Hunting presented its report to the secretary of state for the environment, George Eustice, on 29 June. The group interviewed our lion researcher Hans Bauer, who edited his deposition in an opinion piece for The Conversation. Hans explains what trophy hunting is, shares his view that ... Read full story

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Celebrating the Laikipia Lion Rangers and Tusk’s Wildlife Ranger Challenge

August 4, 2022

WildCRU's Director, Amy Dickman, is joint CEO of Lion Landscapes, a conservation organistation addressing key challenges facing carnivore conservation today. Their collaborative and adaptive approach strengthens conservation efforts to secure important landscapes for viable populations of large carnivores. On World Ranger Day, the 31st July, Lion Landscapes published the following blog post celebrating the ... Read full story

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Badger genome created from WildCRU’s study animals in Wytham Woods

July 20, 2022

WildCRU’s Badger Project has proven invaluable in collecting a wealth of fundamental ecological data for over 30 years, and now, with a new reference genome available, we will be able to answer further questions about population biology and the evolution of badgers. For example, we are investigating whether early-life adversity affects individual badgers in later ... Read full story

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The lucky survivor thrives – News from the Ethiopian Wolf Conservation Programme

June 27, 2022

Exciting news from the Ethiopian Wolf Conservation Programme as they discover that the world’s first rehabilitated Ethiopian wolf, Terefe, has not only recovered from a life-threatening injury and found a new home in the wild but has formed his own pack. Ethiopean wolf news - June 27, 2022 - written by Rian Harris: "In the hills ... Read full story

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