WildCRU 2023 Impact Report now available


Science and conservation action are deeply entwined within WildCRU’s DNA, with each informing the other to understand and tackle some of the most challenging issues facing biodiversity today”, says Professor Amy Dickman, Director of Oxford University’s Wildlife Conservation Research Unit (WildCRU). The breadth of these challenges, and the diversity of WildCRU’s work to help understand and address them is reflected in our new 2023 Impact report. Outlining the key aspects of the Research Unit’s approach, our nine central research themes, and our progress during 2023 in our conservation implementation and training, the report also acknowledges ongoing challenges as well as WildCRU’s vision for the future.

With members originating from more than 40 countries and work spanning multiple continents, WildCRU’s overarching aim is to help deliver positive local impacts for both people and wildlife. Collaboration, partnerships and flexibility are central to this endeavour and reflected in the work featured in this report. Conservation programme work during 2023 included developing sustainable livelihood initiatives in the Ethiopian Highlands, improving livestock management practices in Botswana and reducing human-carnivore conflict mitigation in East Africa, amongst much else. Research project work ranged from identifying crucial areas of habitat for jaguar conservation, informing IUCN Red List species assessments for lions and Himalayan wolves, to understanding diverse perspectives in conservation and assessing genetic diversity in small populations of endangered species.

WildCRU’s research has informed policy in various areas and contexts including CITES wildlife trade reviews, trophy hunting and wild animal welfare issues. Last but not least, in 2023, WildCRU’s award-winning Postgraduate Diploma programme continued to provide invaluable training for early-career conservationists from biodiversity-rich countries who would not normally be able to attend a world-class university.

None of WildCRU’s work would be possible without support from the Biology Department, colleges (particularly Lady Margaret Hall and Pembroke), the wider University and our funders. A huge thanks to everyone involved.

You can download the report here:
LOW RES (4MB) WildCRU 2023 impact report_WEB
HIGHER RES (10MB): WildCRU 2023 impact report_HIGH