Training and Education

WildCRU has trained to doctoral level over 60 conservation scientists from 30 plus countries, from Brazil to Bhutan, and Ecuador to Iceland. Our alumni include government chief scientists, chief executives of international conservation organizations, professors of conservation biology at leading universities and many other practicing, influential conservationists.

Our diploma course, based at our Oxfordshire headquarters and supported by the Recanati-Kaplan Foundation, will train conservationists from the developing world. They will return to their home countries as qualified professionals and become leading agents of change and sound environmental practice. You can find out more about the Recanati-Kaplan Centre Postgraduate Diploma in International Wildlife Conservation Practice by clicking on the ‘Courses’ link above.

Educating local communities in the areas where we operate research projects is a crucial part of WildCRU’s Research Plus contribution to conservation legacy. Examples of our education, training and capacity building has included:

• Training local university students and national park wardens in conservation techniques in Borneo.

• Training rural pastoralists in Mongolia as game rangers and providing tools, from computers to radios, enabling them to manage their environment sustainably.

• Training local people as parabiologists to facilitate trans-frontier guanaco conservation in Bolivia.

• Running an anti-poaching patrol to protect lions in Zimbabwe.

• Providing forest protection patrols and an alternative livelihoods programme in Sulawesi (Indonesia).

• Running forest conservation workshops & training fire-fighting teams around orangutan and gibbon conservation programmes in Kalimantan (Borneo).

• Involving volunteers from HSBC in citizen science projects in the UK (and working with the Ley Community to inform and enthuse recovering addicts).