Cheering news from Cecil’s pride – David Macdonald reports that Jericho has cubs

January 18, 2016

These are frantically busy days for us in Oxford as Andy Loveridge and I plan the future of our Hwange-Okavango lion project at a time when so much is changing for lion conservation – much of it stimulated by Cecil. So, for us, it was a delight to get cheering news from the field where Jericho has been spotted with two tiny new cubs.

Jericho_new_cub_small Jericho_cub_tail_small

Better yet, their mother was a now very healthy lioness who WildCRU’s Brent Stapelkamp had saved from a snare two years ago (you can see the line of the snare scar running around the neck, just behind the ears on the photo).