WildCRU’s Iding Haidir meets Director General of Natural Resources and Ecosystem Conservation, Indonesian Ministry of Environment and Forestry

February 3, 2021

A double success in Indonesia, writes WildCRU Director, David Macdonald: after six years of fruitful fieldwork on our clouded leopard and tiger project in Sumatra, Iding Haidir recently returned home, doctoral thesis complete, to enjoy the honour of being greeted by Mr Wiratno, the Director General of Natural Resources and Ecosystem Conservation of the Indonesian Ministry of Environment and Forestry. Mr Wiratno is a force of nature whose boundless energy is dedicated to the conservation of nature. On their reunion in Jakarta Mr Wiratno presented Iding with one of the first, pre-launch copies, fresh from the publisher, of his new book “Wisata Intelektual”, (Intellectual Voyage) replete with compelling stories of his 30 year career within the Ministry. The stories span from North-western tip of Indonesia, Aceh, to the South most of the country, Kupang, East Nusa Tenggara.

Iding reflected ‘The Director General took the time to ask me about my experiences in Oxford, and my life and friends in the WildCRU, and talked about his own commitment to protecting biodiversity through good policies and governance – a commitment that I hope to use my training to help deliver’.

Iding’s journey with WildCRU started in 2010 when he completed our Postgraduate Diploma course. Late last year, Iding submitted his doctoral thesis entitled ‘Sumatran mesopredators: small-medium sized wild felids of the Kerinci Seblat landscape’, and just today, while writing this piece, I saw the formal letter confirming his success. Congratulations!

Iding began his career as a forester, and he once told me that amongst his goals is to share his new skills, knowledge and commitment to conservation with his fellow foresters. Doubtless he will succeed, and go on to build on that commitment to wildlife conservation in the biodiversity rich country of Indonesia.


  • Iding Haidir meeting Director General of Natural Resources and Ecosystem Conservation
    Mr Wiratno and Iding Haidir