EWCP turns 20

October 22, 2015

The Ethiopian Wolf Conservation Programme turned 20 in a rather tumultuous year; it found us battling a rabies outbreak that killed a third of all known wolves in the Sanetti Plateau of the Bale Mountains. With a global population of no more than 500 animals, any source of mortality is a serious concern. Read about our work in the latest EWCP Annual Report.

Over the past year we vaccinated thousands of domestic dogs, tested an oral rabies vaccine, monitored over 20 packs, trained 13 Wolf Ambassadors, educated children from 17 schools close to wolf habitat, participated and organized community events, field trips and experience-sharing visits, kick-started two fuel-saving stove producers; built capacity to monitor wildlife and diseases in two new protected, created rabies alert networks and supported seven Ethiopian researchers. We thank all our donors and supporters, acknowledging their extraordinary generosity and support proffered during this challenging year.