Global Leopard Conference

October 10, 2022

WildCRU are pleased to be participating in the organization of a 5-day Global Leopard Conference to discuss the future of leopard conservation, happening online in March 2023. A range of partners who currently work on leopards, including Panthera, the Arabian Leopard Fund, and Endangered Wildlife Trust and many more are working together to convene this conference, which will ask specific questions about ecology, population monitoring, emerging technology, trade, and many more issues as they specifically relate to the conservation of leopards. Currently, leopards range across 63 countries, but they are increasingly vulnerable, with habitat destruction, trade, and conflict with people contributing to significant population declines. By convening the world’s leopard experts, we hope this conference will help to identify novel, exciting ways to further leopard conservation across their range.

Currently accepting presentation submissions, with a deadline on the 1st of November. See for more details.