Kalahari Cheetahs – adaptions to an arid region

July 18, 2018

In 2017 Gus and Margaret Mills published ‘Kalahari Cheetahs – adaptions to an arid region’. WildCRU is immensely proud to be associated with this highly praised publication.

The book is now available in paperback through Oxford University Press.


“The first word of the first chapter of this magnificent monograph is ‘adaptation’. One needs read no further to understand the essence of the book and the perspective from which the authors view life. […] Gus, together with co-author Margie, have delivered an invigorating homage to the Kruukian, indeed ultimately Tinbergian and, dare I say, Oxford approach.”  
David W. Macdonald, African Journal of Wildlife Research

“I found this book extremely interesting, loaded as it is with facts and illustrations about the diet, hunting behaviour, breeding and survival of cheetahs. The authors have made a valuable contribution to our understanding of the behaviour and survival of a top predator, and in so doing have joined an elite band of eminent authors in this field.”  
Brian W. van Wilgen, South African Journal of Science

Author Interview

In a series of author interviews for Oxford University Press, Gus Mills discusses various areas of his research.