Lion Landscapes nominated for IUCN/UNEP Pathfinder Award for Innovation in Nature Conservation

November 9, 2021

We are thrilled to announce that an initiative developed in our Tanzanian Lion Landscapes project site has been chosen as a finalist for the IUCN/UNEP Pathfinder Award for Innovation in Nature Conservation! This award celebrates outstanding, innovative approaches which successfully conserve nature while also enabling sustainable human development.

In the case of the community camera-trapping, communities are trained and employed to place camera-traps on their land, and each image of a wild animal captured generates points, with more points for more conflict-causing and threatened species. For example, each small antelope such as a dik-dik would get 1000 points, while each endangered African wild dog generates 20,000 points. Every three months, these points are swapped for community benefits, based on the needs and wants of the local community. This ensures that communities see tangible benefits as a direct result of wildlife presence on their land, and improves local lives through investments in development, such as in education, healthcare and veterinary health.

The winners will be announced on 15th November, on an online ceremony. To find out more and register for the ceremony, please follow this link, and celebrate the work of so many dedicated conservationists