IUCN Canid Specialist Group

The Canid Specialist Group (CSG) is the world’s chief body of scientific and practical expertise on the status and conservation of all canid species. Nine of the 35 canid taxa are threatened: Darwin’s fox, island fox and red wolf are listed as Critically Endangered, while Ethiopian wolf, African wild dog and dhole are Endangered. Others are rare and even declining, while many wild canids are too common for their own good, and thus are involved in major wildlife management issues (such as disease transmission, predation on livestock, sport hunting, fur trade).

WildCRU houses and provides support for CSG, a component of the IUCN Species Survival Commission of the IUCN. The CSG was established in 1981 by David Macdonald. Claudio Sillero is the Chair of the CSG since 2004, and his dedication to this network of volunteers is made possible thanks to the Born Free Foundation funding of Claudio’s Fellowship at Oxford.