People and Wildlife Initiative

Creating conservation solutions for living together

P&W is a partnership between WildCRU and Born Free Foundation, which provides an ideal platform from which to address conflict resolution. Our combined skills and enormous experience in conservation and working with local peoples are complementary.  We bring a professional, multi-disciplinary approach to try to resolve the complex range of issues. While WildCRU has been working chiefly on how animal populations tick, and on ways how to ensure their survival, Born Free has traditionally been more concerned with the welfare of individual animals.

Efforts to resolve or mitigate conflicts between people and animals are often fragmented, localized, and sometimes duplicated due to poor communication. In addition, internet sites are regularly biased towards certain conflicts, or certain region or country, thus failing to tackle a more integrated approach. The P&W website is a crucial step in generating conditions for a fruitful communication forum for all people involved in human-wildlife conflict issues. Channels for rapid consultation and exchange of information include the P&W e-list, with 600 members from many countries and diverse fields; the P&W Notice Board, open to everyone and used to post requests for information, updates on conferences, jobs adverts, and the P&W Database of Projects and Practitioners with study cases, possible solutions and contacts, accessible to people and projects across the world. P&W also works as a hub for information organized by theme to stress generalizations and common solutions, and accessible at the click of a mouse: practical conflict resolution manuals for download; bibliography by theme, with abstracts or .pdf for download; the latest books; meetings and conferences; headlines from around the world; and topical sections: human-elephant conflict, felid-human conflict, primate-human conflict.