Dr Amy Dickman honoured with the Cincinnati Zoo Wildlife Conservation Award

March 28, 2018

2018 marks the 26th anniversary of the Cincinnati Zoo Wildlife Conservation Award.

Each year, the Zoo has invited several of the world’s leading conservationists to participate in this series and has presented its annual Wildlife Conservation Award to one of the speakers. The list of internationally known conservationists who have been honoured with this award is impressive. Beginning with the first recipient, Jane Goodall, in 1993 and including this year’s honoree, Dr. Amy Dickman, the Zoo has recognised many of the most outstanding conservationists of our time.

The 2018 award recipient, Dr. Amy Dickman, is the Kaplan Senior Research Fellow in Felid Conservation at Oxford University’s WildCRU and has 20 years experience working on large carnivores in Africa, specializing in human-carnivore conflict. She established the Ruaha Carnivore Project, based in southern Tanzania, in 2009.

On the 25th April, Dr. Amy Dickman will speak at the Barrows Conservation Lecture Series about ‘Money, myths & man-eaters: Big cat conservation in Tanzania and beyond’.

Listen to Dr. Amy Dickman speaking to Thane Maynard about the Award and the lecture series.