WildCRU Academic Visitor, Dr Vivienne Williams, enjoys productive visit to All Souls

October 17, 2019

Dr Vivienne Williams, lead author of WildCRU/TRAFFIC original report on the lion bone trade, which has sparked a developing literature on the topic (largely written by WildCRU researchers, was awarded a visiting Fellowship by Africans for Oxford. As a result Viv spent a very productive summer, resident at All Souls College, analysing her most recent data and planning new collaborative projects, especially forthcoming work on the implementation of wildlife export quotas. We are deeply grateful to the excellent AfOx scheme, and to All Souls, for making this important visit possible.

Those interested in the lion bone trade will find our subsequent empirical papers at &, and our two recent ethical analyses at &

We hope to be able to welcome more AfOx fellows to WildCRU in the future.