Moles on farmland: making mountains out of molehills? reviews European moles as agricultural pests in Britain, including pest status, mole damage, mole control and control methods, and the costs of damage and control. Moles are present on most British farms and commonly regarded as pests. This is particularly the case on livestock farms, largely because moles may be associated with damage to silage and pasture. Farmers often attempt to control moles, but this is not straightforward because moles live underground and their presence and numbers are not reliably indicated by the presence or number of molehills above ground. Since strychnine poison was withdrawn moles are now often trapped or gassed. Our research concludes that farmers might reassess their need to control moles and that, where mole control is necessary, it could be better targeted. Managing or preventing mole damage might reduce the number of moles killed, often routinely, on British farms.

Sandra E. Baker
David W. Macdonald