What we need

Despite being a particularly productive project, in terms of scientific discovery, international collaboration and high-impact scientific journal publications, across wide-reaching paradigms, we still struggle for funding.

Badgers, though popular, do not have the charisma of large, tropical carnivores – indeed badgers suffer from being ‘too familiar’. It is this broad adaptability and the ease with which they can be studied that makes them such useful study animals for examining a diversity of ecological questions.
We are always looking to finance more project offshoots, enabling us to take on more students and buy and replace equipment, from hard-worn vehicles to state of the art tracking collars.

If you are interested in badgers, and our far reaching conservation ecology work, please consider making a donation to the Badger Project through this link.

The Badger Project

How do we study badgers?
Insights into badger society
Genetics and mate choice
Social interactions
The effects of weather conditions on badger population dynamics
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