How Cats Share a Forest

January 19, 2023

Our third short film on SEAsia research features a recently published open access article: Investigating Carnivore Guild Structure: Spatial and Temporal Relationships amongst Threatened Felids in Myanmar
by Pyae Phyoe Kyaw, David W. Macdonald, Ugyen Penjor, Saw Htun, Hla Naing, Dawn Burnham, Żaneta Kaszta, and Samuel A. Cushman.

In the north of Myanmar, the Htamanthi Wildlife Sanctuary is home to five cat species – tiger, clouded leopard, golden cat, marbled cat and leopard cat: how do they manage to coexist? Partnering with colleagues in Myanmar, our massive camera trapping surveys in the remote jungles were deployed every year between 2014 and 2018, providing a basis to investigate niche partitioning.

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