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Researchers develop hedgehog safety test for robotic lawn mowers

January 16, 2024

WildCRU Research Associate Dr Sophie Lund Rasmussen has led new work assessing how dangerous robotic lawnmowers are to hedgehogs. The authors hope this will lead to a certification scheme that will allow consumers to choose ‘hedgehog-friendly’ mowers. European hedgehog populations (Erinaceus europaeus) are in decline - increasingly sharing habitat with humans and being ... Read full story

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Investigating cheetah presence in Tanzania’s Selous–Nyerere ecosystem

December 18, 2023

Up-to-date information on species distribution is vital for effective conservation planning. In an effort to fill information gaps on cheetah presence in Tanzania, Lion Landscapes / WildCRU researchers and partners conducted spoor and camera-trap surveys in the Selous Game Reserve and Nyerere National Park from 2020 to 2022. These parks are part ... Read full story

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Helping fill crucial knowledge gaps about jaguars

November 30, 2023

WildCRU is helping fill crucial knowledge gaps about jaguars across their range, informing conservation and land-use planning as well as supporting community education activities and fostering coexistence between people and carnivores. Jaguar research is currently being done by four WildCRU members: Guilherme C Alvarenga from Brazil is developing the first modelled assessment of ... Read full story

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Impact on species’ online attention when named after celebrities

December 19, 2023

Celebrities can generate substantial attention. So, what happens when species are named after them? Do these species receive more online attention? This question was explored by WildCRU’s Katie Blake and Diogo Verissimo, alongside colleagues Sean Anderson and Adam Gleave. Using Wikipedia page view data for over 4,000 species pairs, the ... Read full story

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Innovative research on big cat connectivity in Panama

December 14, 2023

Big cats need a lot of space and ways of getting from one safe haven to another. This is why innovative research on how corridors provide routes through landscapes is a key theme for WildCRU’s ground-breaking research in landscape ecology. Jaguars are an especially exciting case given their range stretches the whole length of South ... Read full story

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Food for thought – insight into the environmental benefits (and more) of being vegan

November 28, 2023

Faced with the frequent questions, “You’re vegan? Why don’t you eat meat and dairy?”, Dr Jan Kamler flips it around and asks, “Why DO you eat meat and dairy.” He recognises that people from all corners of the world have different reasons - including taste, nutrition and cultural reasons and that choices ... Read full story

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