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Research finds that donkey skins may act as a cover for illegal wildlife trade

May 11, 2022

Published by Saïd Business School news. "Newly published research raises important concerns about whether the trade in donkey skins is being used as a cover for smuggling illegal wildlife products. The research, published today in Conservation Science and Practice, reveals novel links between the global trade in donkey skins and ... Read full story

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New population of giant muntjac discovered in Virachey Park, Cambodia

April 28, 2022

Camera traps consistently provide fascinating insights into wildlife, including identifying species never before recorded in an area. Of the 12 species of muntjac deer found across Asia, the giant muntjac is one of the rarest, and is considered critically endangered by the IUCN. A new WildCRU study has documented a previously unknown population of ... Read full story

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WildCRU’s Diploma alumnus shortlisted for the prestigious 2022 Whitley Award

March 3, 2022

We are proud to announce that WildCRU’s Recanati-Kaplan postgraduate diploma alumnus Badru Mugerwa is shortlisted for the prestigious 2022 Whitley Award, for his conservation work to save the African golden cat in Uganda. The Whitley Award recognizes the work of grassroot conservation leaders working with local communities to create sustainable benefits for wildlife, habitats ... Read full story

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‘Strawberry’ leopard caught on camera in Tanzania

May 3, 2022

Today on #WorldLeopardDay we wanted to highlight some of our exciting work on leopards in East Africa. Across the region, we use remotely triggered bush cameras (camera traps) have revolutionised conservation science, and are used around the world to understand animal behaviour, movement patterns, and changes to wild populations. Not only do they allow us ... Read full story

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WildCRU celebrates two Diploma alumni at the SILVIS lab, University of Wisconsin-Madison

April 6, 2022

At WildCRU, we pride ourselves on the connections we foster between people. The news that two former WildCRU post-graduate diploma students are now working together at the SILVIS lab, at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, is a good demonstration of how far our network stretches. Afag Rizayeva joined our diploma course in 2016, and subsequently returned ... Read full story

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Using camera traps to accurately assess and monitor lion populations

February 22, 2022

In a study recently published in the journal Ecological Solutions and Evidence, Paolo Strampelli, Charlotte E. Searle, Amy J. Dickman and David W. Macdonald, as well as colleagues from the Southern Tanzania Elephant Program, the Tanzania Elephant Foundation, and the ... Read full story

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