Amazing news about Cecil Appeal

Aided by the $100,000 matching pledge from Tom and Daphne Kaplan, intended to push the Cecil Appeal to half a million pounds, we have just crossed that line, and hope to keep the momentum. We are hugely grateful to all the donors, large and small, who have achieved this incredible memorial to the illegal death […]

A message from David Macdonald to Cecil’s supporters – now for some biology: Andy Loveridge and I repeat our thanks to all those who have donated to the appeal.

In countless interviews we have repeated that lion society is very complicated, and that it takes endless work, lots of skill and many years to understand it. We thought it would help you understand this if we provided a biography of Cecil – and Andy has written this as of 2nd August. When you read […]

News up-date on the Cecil Appeal from David Macdonald

We continue to be in awe of the up-welling of concern globally following the illegal shooting of Cecil, and inspired by the interest that millions of people are taking in the conservation research that Dr Andy Loveridge and I direct in Hwange, in collaboration with Zimbabwe’s National Parks Authority. We are humbled by your support […]

Ana Patricia Calderon Quinonez (2015)

2015 I was born in Guatemala, a small country in Central America. I graduated from San Carlos University of Guatemala as a Bachelor in Biology in 2010. At the end of my undergraduate studies I did an internship at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute, where I worked in a Stanford University’s project that aimed to […]

WildCRU’s long term research project on big cats in Zimbabwe

Conserving big cats involves understanding the dynamics of the ecosystems that support them. Predators not only eat prey, they frighten them – thus influencing both their numbers and their behaviour. WildCRU’s long term project on lions in Zimbabwe studies the trade-off faced by prey species seeking to avoid predators but nonetheless having to visit risky […]

Lovemore Sibanda (2014)

I am a Zimbabwean at heart – born and bred in the Bulawayo area. In 2012, I obtained a BSc (Honours) degree in Livestock and Wildlife Management from Midlands State University, Gweru. For my undergraduate research project I focussed on human wildlife conflict, investigating how the presence of bells on individual cattle affected their chances […]

Godfrey Mtare (2009)

2009 I completed my Bachelor of Environmental Science (Honours) degree in Wildlife and Rangeland Management at Bindura University of Science Education in 2005. In August 2006, l then joined Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority as an Ecologist and was deployed to Hwange National Park (Main Camp). It is the largest national park in the […]