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WildCRU’s GIS–based Toolkit enables land-use planners to optimize the trade-off between conservation and development and we aim to maximize dissemination of this powerful conservation planning tool. Our models are underpinned by field research, informing and parameterizing the models at a landscape scale.

Drawing on WildCRU’s extensive camera trap surveys across Africa and Asia, and, in the case of lions and clouded leopards, their movement data, our landscape connectivity models are rooted in empiricism. Combined with land use and land cover from satellite imagery, we are developing multi-scale landscape models and scenario planning toolkits at regional, national, trans-boundary and range-wide scales for target species. We are engaging with regional and national government and non-government stakeholders, launching evidence from our research to plan policy.

We are delivering WildCRU’s GIS-based Toolkit for clouded leopard conservation at a national and, potentially transboundary, level, with foci in Bhutan, Myanmar, Laos and Sabah, Borneo. Our Toolkit implementation process follows an interactive working party participatory method with local government and other stakeholders providing input for conservation planning scenarios. Our aim is to provide a fully trained country coordinator for the toolkit in each of the focal areas, providing the opportunity for government uptake of an integrated tool for forest biodiversity conservation planning.

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