Biodiversity Model and Guild Analysis in Southeast Asia

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Landscape Change Analysis for Southeast Asia
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Biodiversity Model and Guild Analysis in Southeast Asia

Linking closely with WildCRU’s Conservation Geopolitics research, the concept of Luca Chiaverini’s DPhil research is to expand the scope and impact of the WildCRU clouded leopard toolkit initiative through integrating continental scale landscape change modelling under different scenarios of human population growth and economic dynamics. The key aims are to highlight the main drivers of species richness in the present, and to evaluate how these will change in the future under human-driven landscape changes. We are developing biodiversity distribution models, highlighting the areas where the highest number of species are currently occurring, and where these areas are likely to occur under future scenarios. We focus on felids, since they are among the most sensitive species to habitat loss, and can also play a crucial role as ambassador species for regional conservation. Ultimately, we aim to assess how human population will affect Southeast Asian biodiversity, and where conservation actions would be best implemented.


October 2019 – Biodiversity in the Anthropocene: threats to biodiversity in Southeast Asia