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New paper examining the risks and opportunities for sustainability of the Belt and Road Initiative’s Traditional Chinese Medicine trade

January 17, 2020

A new paper focusing on the conservation implications of the global expansion of Traditional Chinese medicine has just been published, led by the WildCRU’s Senior Research fellow in Conservation Geopolitics, Dr Amy Hinsley. The paper was written as part of a cross-sector collaboration, with experts in wildlife trade and sustainability from Oxford, Sun Yat Sen ... Read full story

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Kenyan wildlife policies must extend beyond protected areas

December 19, 2019

Peter Tyrrell, WildCRU DPhil candidate and Mistler Graduate Scholar, writes for The Conversation: 'At least 15% of the world’s surface is governed by laws to protect its living species, including plants, animals and fungi. But this is not enough. The most recent estimates suggest that an additional 30% of the planet’s surface needs further conservation attention. Without ... Read full story

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The effectiveness of hazing African lions as a conflict mitigation tool: Implications for carnivore management

December 12, 2019

For high impact, low budget simplicity of communication, check out Lisanne’s video writes David Macdonald celebrating a remarkable paper on lion conservation. Chasing African lions is an unexpected approach to conservation, but a new WildCRU-led study provides evidence that it can be critical in reducing livestock loss. Newly published in the journal Ecosphere, this study ... Read full story

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Record breaking Himalayan altitude record for the clouded leopard

December 20, 2019

Academics are teased for having their heads in the clouds, but for 10 years we at WildCRU have had our heads full of clouds – said David Macdonald, referring to the beautiful clouded leopards which WildCRU has studied across South East Asia as a biodiversity flagship for forest protection. Now, led by Dr Emre Can, ... Read full story

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Tackling the issue of invasive American mink in northwestern Greece

December 16, 2019

The WildCRU have been carrying out research on American mink - their ecology, behaviour and management - for over 20 years, working in the UK, Estonia, Belarus and Patagonia. Last week Lauren Harrington, Senior Researcher at WildCRU, together with Sugoto Roy (IUCN) and Inigo Zuberogoitia (Icarus, Spain), was pleased to be able to ... Read full story

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The Guardian features Dr Amy Dickman on their Science Weekly podcast

December 4, 2019

As featured in The Guardian Science Weekly: Amy Dickman on her life of big cat conservation 'Dr Amy Dickman is an internationally renowned conservation biologist. She’s dedicated her life to saving big cats in the wild, working in Africa for over 20 years on carnivore ecology and how to resolve human-wildlife conflict. Amy ... Read full story

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