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Celebrating WildCRU’s Lovemore Sibanda succeeding in the two habitats that make a rising conservation star

October 19, 2020

The modern conservationist has to be at home in various habitats: so we celebrate Lovemore Sibanda transitioning effortlessly between two in which he excels. Lovemore, having completed his doctoral thesis and viva has migrated back to Hwange National Park, and the village communities whose relationships with lions were the meat of his thesis. Lovemore ... Read full story

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Vocal discrimination of African lions and its potential for collar-free tracking

October 7, 2020

The roar of a lion is one of the most thrilling and captivating sounds of the wild. This characteristic call is typically delivered in a bout consisting of one or two soft moans followed by several loud, full-throated roars and a terminating sequence of grunts. Previous research has shown that lions can recognise the calls ... Read full story

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‘Lockdown Walks’ with WildCRU’s Tanesha Allen

September 25, 2020

Take a walk on the wildside with WildCRU’s Tanesha Allen and, almost, meet a badger. Tanesha has submitted her doctorate on olfactory communication in badgers, and is using her experience to introduce a wider public to badgerology. This is part of a new Oxford Sparks video series, featuring six ... Read full story

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Congratulations to Tanesha Allen

October 16, 2020

WildCRU is delighted to congratulate Tanesha Allen on the successful completion of her doctorate. Tanesha’s research on Wytham’s badgers began in 2016, investigating their olfactory communication system. Human noselessness is so blinding, when it comes to interpreting social odours, that it requires skill to design field experiments that cause the badgers to reveal what messages ... Read full story

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The Laikipia Lion Rangers take part in the Wildlife Ranger Challenge

October 2, 2020

Meet The Laikipia Lion Rangers The Laikipia Lion Rangers are a partnership project between Lion Landscapes, founded by WildCRU's Dr Alayne Cotterill, and Laikipia ranches and conservancies. Vital to their ... Read full story

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Mongabay reports on WildCRU’s Liz Campbell’s work on Atlas Golden Wolves

September 23, 2020

Research on Morocco’s little known canid, the African Golden Wolf, has been featured in an article published in Mongabay. The article features the Atlas Golden Wolf Project led by WildCRU's Liz Campbell. "Howling in the dark: Shining a light on a newly remembered wolf IFRANE NATIONAL PARK, Morocco — As he guides his flock of sheep home through ... Read full story

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