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Lion Hearted: The Life and Death of Cecil & the Future of Africa’s Iconic Cats

March 9, 2018

New autobiography by Andrew Loveridge Read about Lion Hearted: The Life and Death of Cecil & the Future of Africa's Iconic Cats in National Geographic's 'Book Talk' by Simon Worral. Published by Regan Arts, Press Release excerpts with their permission: “UNTIL THE LION HAS ITS OWN STORYTELLER, TALES OF THE LION HUNT WILL ALWAYS GLORIFY THE HUNTER.” — Zimbabwean ... Read full story

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Just Conservation

February 26, 2018

What is the right thing to do? In the context of conservation the answer always requires evidence, generally from both natural and social sciences. But as evidence builds into knowledge, deciding what to do requires something more: judgment and, hopefully, wisdom, writes David Macdonald. It is because of our determination to incorporate this ethical dimension ... Read full story

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Thinking about neuroscience, David Macdonald writes:

February 8, 2018

Many a conservation project has depended on the skill of an indefatigable field biologist to tinker with the engine of a beaten-up, but cherished, Land Rover to nudge it forward. It was clear that understanding what happened under the bonnet (or hood, for Trans-Atlantic readers) made for better practitioners. This is what WildCRU’s Emre Can ... Read full story

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New study confirms Cambodia’s last leopards on brink of extinction

March 2, 2018

We are not sure whether to be excited or horrified to have discovered that our search for clouded leopards in Cambodia caused us to find the last enclave of ‘common’ leopards in Eastern Indo-China, writes David Macdonald. Of course we are excited to have found this last cluster ... Read full story

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A short interview from Professor David Macdonald, Finalist for the 2018 Award for Conservation Excellence

February 16, 2018

Selected as a Finalist for the 2018 Award for Conservation Excellence, David Macdonald gave this short interview of the work of the WildCRU and his vision for the future of wildlife conservation.

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The Oxford Real Farming Conference 2018 – David Macdonald speaks as part of a panel on biodiversity

February 6, 2018

A new study from German nature reserves reveals a 75% decline in flying insects over the past 27 years. What’s the reason? What are the implications – for farming and the food supply, for humanity, and for the biosphere? What can be done? Why should we care? Chair: Sarah Woods (writer, narrative artist, Wales Green Hero). Speakers: ... Read full story

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