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Darem the Lion Defender

October 16, 2019

Improving local awareness of wildlife and its conservation is a key element of WildCRU’s work across the world. In Tanzania’s Ruaha landscape, our Ruaha Carnivore Project has developed a storybook about a boy called Darem from the Barabaig tribe, showing how he works with the project to help protect carnivores and empower his local ... Read full story

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Amy Dickman speaks at the UN

September 26, 2019

WildCRU is proud to see Amy Dickman, our Kaplan Senior Research Fellow, speaking so compellingly in favour of lion conservation. View the video here. Asked what was needed, Amy cited a paper in which a group of us estimated that $1bn per annum was needed to support the protected areas where lions still exist (read ... Read full story

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Dr Christina Buesching publishes a new book on olfactory communication

September 9, 2019

David Macdonald celebrates history going full circle with the  publication of Dr Christina Buesching’s remarkable new book on olfactory communication: I formally founded the WildCRU in 1986, and one of our first, significant engagements with the wider academic community was to host, in 1988, the 5th international Chemical Signals in Vertebrates Conference at the ... Read full story

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Wildlife Conservation Course 2019 – Game of Thrones – Kigali, Rwanda

October 7, 2019

From the Kingdom of Westeros, we hear about the storms of swords, a clash of kings, and even a dance with dragons. Steering clear of the fantasy and the action, we are left with something obvious: Man-made conflicts that leave the world exposed to larger threats. Then arouse a conservation course that equips fearless conservationists ... Read full story

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Badgers lead the way with innovation

September 23, 2019

It’s more than a decade since I first met Andrew Markham, Oxford’s Professor of Computer Science, writes David Macdonald. Andrew’s innovative wizardry has revolutionised WildCRU’s work, from recording the long-distance roars of lions to following badgers deep underground. Those subterranean badgers have led the way to mapping with applications from mines to skyscrapers:   ... Read full story

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Tigers burning bright in a small Himalayan Kingdom

September 2, 2019

Global tiger conservation is at a crossroad. The numbers of   tigers and expanse of their habitat have plummeted to a critical level in the last century. Some scientists fear that at the current rate of poaching and habitat loss, tigers might become extinct in a few decades. However, not all is doom. Bhutan, a small ... Read full story

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