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Groundbreaking results published in Nature: mecC-MRSA was present in hedgehogs long before the discovery of antibiotics!

January 5, 2022

The discovery of antibiotics more than 80 years ago has led to significant improvements in human and animal health. But every time a new antibiotic was put into use, the bacteria quickly responded by becoming resistant. Therefore, until now, it has been assumed that resistance in disease-causing bacteria is a modern phenomenon driven by clinical ... Read full story

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WildCRU’s Dr Hedgehog receives honorary award

December 31, 2021

We are proud to announce that WildCRU’s own hedgehog expert, Dr Sophie Lund Rasmussen, has received the honorary award Fru Hedevig Quiding’s Grant for her devotedness and endeavor to the protection of hedgehogs. The scholarship is granted to "dedicated women who have sacrificed their time and efforts to protect and help defenseless animals". With this much ... Read full story

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Prof Amy Dickman will be WildCRU’s Director from January 2022

December 15, 2021

David Macdonald, who founded the WildCRU in 1986 and has been its Director ever since, writes with exciting news: I am delighted to announce that Prof Amy Dickman will become WildCRU’s Director from 1st January 2022. This transition has been greatly discussed and planned within our team, and ... Read full story

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Success in Patagonia

January 4, 2022

More exciting news, writes David Macdonald, who has recently heard from WildCRU alumna Dr. Laura Fasola, known as Lali. Lali was part of the WildCRU team during her PhD studies of the interactions between endangered Southern River otter and the invasive American mink in Argentinean Patagonia (2005-2008). Thereafter she remained as WidCRU’s expert in ... Read full story

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Human Dimensions of Bat Conservation – 10 recommendations to improve and diversify studies of human-bat interactions

December 17, 2021

As with any species, human-bat interactions can range from positive to neutral to negative. For some, the spectacle of a cloud of bats darkening the sky as they emerge from their roost can bring awe and joy. For others, bats in their roof might be a nuisance, and bats in an orchard can bring ... Read full story

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Dr Özgün Emre Can Accepts Faculty Position at Ankara University

December 10, 2021

It is amongst our greatest pleasures, writes David Macdonald, when a WildCRU alumnus achieves success, so I am delighted to report that Dr Ozgun Emre Can has accepted a faculty position at Turkey's most established Zoology Section at the Biology Department at Ankara University. Emre tells us “The university has several beautiful campuses located in the ... Read full story

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